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Welcome to VetBiz Consulting. We have a mission to assist our military & veteran entrepreneurs with being as informed as possible. Our point is to enable thousands of these entrepreneurs, and when we accomplish that, then thousands of more, and more.

We want to get our military & veteran entrepreneurs as propelled as conceivable to begin taking risks, to begin pushing ahead on their major objectives and dreams, to kick them off living full out…and we really want your assistance! If you are prepared to share your story, your recommendations or your prosperity and life illustrations with the always developing readership of The Veteran-Owned Business Blog, then join us!

We're searching for knowledgeable and experienced entrepreneurs, energetic bloggers, independent scholars, and pioneers who need to share their advice on entrepreneurship, startups, business ownership (management & operations, etc), how-tos, what-not-to-dos, lessons learned, certainty, inspiration, persistence, self-restraint, mental health, health and how to carry on with a fruitful existence with the world.

Come share your fire with our military & veteran entrepreneurs. In the event that you're intrigued, see below what we're searching for and how you can contribute.

Why Compose for The Veteran-Owned Business Blog? Our blog is a consistently developing veteran-owned business resource with exclusive expectations for the nature of the substance we release. Accordingly, we intend to distribute helpful, educational, and inspirational content that genuinely increases the value of our entrepreneurs.

How this affects you, is that when you compose for us, you not only become a piece of our top notch network, you give back to the men and women who have sacrificed for our nation. Inclusively, you:

* Recover a connection to your site in your profile;

* Join one of the fastest-growing veteran-owned business communities on the web;

* Amass exposure to additional leaders, achievers, and hustlers within our Syndicate Membership and the veteran-owned business community;

* Gain added esteem for your personal/business brand;

* Receive free promotion to our social media followers;

* Obtain a permanence in our Archives, improving longstanding traffic back to you;

* Earn eligibility for the services and resources reserved for our military & veteran entrepreneurs;

What Are We Looking For?

Our focus is primarily on veteran-owned businesses/entrepreneurs; tips, information and resources regarding: entrepreneurship (in general), startups; business-growth, management & operations; success and failure insights; plus business-owner mental health: inspiration, motivation & self-improvement. Therefor, we like articles that fit the same. 

We also like personal stories of non-celebrity pursuits (i.e. success & failure stories). Stories of every day people, peers.

We prefer high impact articles between 600 – 2500 words long, have a two-paragraph opening, and typically include high-quality subheadings. Refer to these articles on blog quality and length for suggestions on what we're searching for:

We relish in articles that are informative, interesting, and (appropriately) upbeat. We want to encourage our readers to feel motivated, and inspired; as well as to take action on their goals and aspirations.  

As such, if using quotes and speeches for the majority of your angle, you must properly expand in your own words, with at least two paragraphs, to drive your point home.

Upon approval, we will CONSIDER promoting guest contributor websites, products, or services in the body of the article. Our lead editor may, but is not obligated to, take into consideration an article's inclusion in the body if a highly relevant link benefits our readers.

Our main objective is to offer helpful information to our readers, not to advertise your goods and services. That will be done for you by your bio at the end of your post (one link maximum allowed in bio, unless the second is to a social media profile).

Upon approval, we will CONSIDER content that has been previously published. 

We prefer original content. However, if it has been published on your own personal blog, social media platforms, or with another publication, we will only consider it if it has been rephrased throughout.

We DO NOT accept profane content; i.e., hate or political baiting, race or gender offensive nor pornography of any kind. Keep it professional!

We value contributors who value their work, and we value our readers.  We further value contributors who are serious about helping our military & veteran entrepreneurs excel. Submissions deemed low-quality or unprofessional, will not likely make it past our editor. 

Your essay should be well-planned, well-organized, helpful, and have at least one of the following elements: educational, amusing, emotive, or entertaining material. It should, therefore, be worthwhile reading.

We DO NOT, under any circumstances, accept paid links

However, we are open to affiliate and referral partnerships.

In regards to affiliates, referrals or blog contributions, contact us below. If contact is regarding blog contributions, please include at least to two link: 1) Social Media Profile & 2) Current/Previous examples of your work. If you're a novice write, provide at least two social media profiles.