VetBiz Consulting
🎖️ WHO 🎖️

As a part of Veterans Support Syndicate, VetBiz Consulting is a partner-centric service that not only serves as a financial means to support the community service efforts of Veterans Support Syndicate, it also serves to extend those efforts by providing military service members and veteran entrepreneurs with a source to aid them in their business endeavors and promote their success.

🎖️ WHY 🎖️

As veterans, we know how much we have all sacrificed for the sake of our country and we have all more than earned unlimited support. We established VetBiz Consulting to celebrate and promote our military heroes who use their service skills to create businesses during or after their military careers. VetBiz Consulting is on a mission to expand resources and support for military and veteran entrepreneurs, as well as inspire them to create businesses of their own.

🎖️ WHAT 🎖️

VetBiz Consulting predominately provides free, quality and exclusive business services to U.S. military service members and veterans. Whether you’re in the launch phase, growth phase or simply looking for ways to maintain your business, we can help you and your business thrive through information and resources.